Location: Hanlons Brewery, Newton St. Cyres
Panels 120
kW 30
Tonnes of CO2 12.8

How detailed monitoring matched solar to Hanlon’s precise requirements

East-west solar system perfectly complements brewery’s energy usage

When you’re looking to generate renewable energy that will power your business, the ideal system will be used 100% of the time it is generating energy with no need to feed any energy back to the grid.

That’s exactly what Hanlons was hoping to achieve for its recently-built brewery, so when the company began looking for a solution SunGift Energy started by carrying out a sophisticated monitoring procedure.

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Matching energy requirements to ideal solar system

SunGift’s specialists discussed Hanlon’s requirements with them before carrying out a full site survey and installing an energy monitoring system, which highlighted energy-usage patterns, daily peaks and any other issues. The East-West facing building, combined with steady energy use throughout the day, meant Hanlons was ideally suited to having panels installed on both roofs. The solar now generates electricity to power the brewery’s pumps, heaters, coolers, lights, bar, kitchen and offices.

Detailed upfront work gives best results

“Solar systems work to their optimum when they match a business’s exact requirements,” said Oliver Grogono, SunGift’s senior designer. “The detailed modeling and upfront hard work has certainly paid dividends, as it takes out the guesswork and means that Hanlons now has a tailor-made solar PV system.”

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