Boscastle Farm Shop


Location: Boscastle
No of solar panels: 84
Size of system: 23.5 kW
CO2 savings per year: 12.5 tonnes

Boscastle Farm Shop install solar PV to reduce energy bills

Boscastle Farm Shop is a popular local attraction in the north of Cornwall with a high on-site electricity demand. To offset the cost of this SunGift installed a 23.5 kW solar PV system. This was a great way to slash their high energy bills and reduce their reliance on the national grid. The next step for the business is to install a battery system, so they can save even more energy.

Robin Haddy, owner of Boscastle Farm Shop said: “We definitely picked the right people, because it’s all gone to plan and we’re very pleased with the whole project.”

A full video testimonial can be viewed here.

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