The sun has often been prescribed for as a pick-me-up for patients, so it’s no surprise that one of our recent solar installations – at Mount Pleasant Health Centre in Exeter – is helping to keep the centre running efficiently.

The 19.08kW solar PV system is installed on the health centre’s roof and provides power for its lighting, IT infrastructure and specialist equipment such as ECG machines. But when we first carried out a site survey for the practice, our first job was to explain the benefits in simple in English.

Julie Croze, the centre’s manager, who was overwhelmed by the variety and complexity of solar panel options available, said:

“Not knowing anything about solar energy, the jargon was daunting, but the staff at SunGift explained everything so clearly. The service really was excellent”.

We offered two potential solutions to Julia and her team, and after detailed discussions about the two options, they opted for the larger proposal.

As the centre comsumes its electricity throughout the day – when the sun is shining – it uses the majority of the energy that the system generates, rather than having to export it back to the grid.

Financially rewarding

In addition to system’s environmental benefits, Mount Pleasant Health Centre also generates enough solar energy each year to power the equivalent of five homes and has a payback period of just seven years. “

“Many of the other companies we looked at made promises that didn’t seem realistic or achievable, but SunGift’s figures were all reserved estimates, which was very reassuring,” added Julia. “It really is first class too. It looks amazing and has been installed in such a neat and tidy way – fantastic service.””

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