If you’ve been a follower of renewable energy for some time, you’ll know that when SunGift started out in business we were very much part of a minority industry that had little experience in the business world.

But how times have changed.

Just a few years down the line and almost every month there are positive announcements about renewable energy and our role in its development. This month we’ve already seen news about the government backing eight huge new projects ;the long-awaited Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been launched ;and Ellen Rodger and I have been chosen as ‘business people that display significant potential’ in SW Business Insider magazine’s ’42 Under 42’ list (see below).

This recognition is yet more evidence that renewables is now on an equal footing with other mature industries, so it’s fitting that next month we’ll be joining a whole host of them at the Devon County Show (see story below) next month.

Also this month, you’ll find stories on the SunGift Solar van’s summer tour; how we’ve helped ‘cure’ an Exeter health centre’s high energy bills; an important solar event we’re holding in Bristol for businesses; our new domestic PV specialist Ollie; and some excellent offers that we have for both new and existing customers.

Best wishes

Gabriel Wondrausch

Managing director