Pecorama is a model railway factory – and tourist attraction – which stands proudly above the village of Beer, in Devon, and overlooks the sea. ‘PECO’ have produced world famous model railway products, keeping model enthusiasts well stocked with lifelike scale models for their masterful creations since 1946!

PECO had noticed (like many other businesses) that their energy bills were creeping up, and they were keen to explore ways in which they could drive down their electricity costs. Having explored solar PV with SunGift in the past, they were keen to hear more from us regarding the energy that could be saved by switching all of their lights to LEDs.

SunGift arranged to visit the business in order to conduct a full, and in-depth, energy survey that would establish how much the business would save. Having done so, it was concluded that the energy savings after five years would be enough to pay for the entire installation! Therefore, it was considered a sound investment by the board of directors.

This was helped by the fact that the lighting throughout the entire business would be enhanced and the maintenance required for existing and diminishing lights would be removed, as the lights would last for roughly two decades.  Sungift also helped PECO to secure grant funding from the Carbon Trust – Green Business Fund. This fund is available to all SMEs installing energy saving systems with an accredited installer liker SunGift.

PECO will now be protecting themselves against electricity price hikes for years to come, and all lighting throughout the site has been improved, which has modernised the appearance of the business considerably.

SunGift recently caught up with Rob Waldron, who oversees the energy management at PECO. His feedback was that staff had given glowing reports of the improved lighting in all areas of the building, and management were interested to see that savings were in line with what SunGift had forecast.

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