There’s one man at SunGift who has every aspect of renewable energy covered – and that’s operations manager Kevin Ciolino. With responsibility over our project managers, Kevin looks after the general running of the installation teams, forecasting and planning, and has an eye on everything that is happening in the installation of our jobs.

A qualified electrician, Kevin joined SunGift as a PV installer and has learnt how the company works at all levels – and it’s a combination of his technical knowledge and on-the ground experience with management skills that make him the perfect person for the job.

When he’s not trouble-shooting, Kevin can be found walking dog Gino, mountain biking, enjoying his eclectic music tastes at festivals, and extolling the virtues of sustainable living.  In fact, Kevin is so passionate about the subject that he is saving up for a plot of land to design and build his own self-sufficient zero-carbon house.

“It won’t only be renewable energy focussed,” said Kevin.  “We all need to become more environmentally aware and take responsibility for our actions. Weplan to start our own permaculture plot where we can educate others on how easily working with nature – instead of against it – can provide as much food as we need without having to rely on fossil fuels for fertilisers, insecticides and powering machinery.”

So, whenever you’re having a renewable energy installation designed, you can be sure that Kevin will be looking to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible.  To contact Kevin or one of our design team who can help develop the lowest carbon solution for you, email or call 01392 213912.