This month, SunGift has begun using the latest software that allows us to model even more accurately the energy that your solar PV system will produce.

This addition to our design packages – PV Sol Expert 6.0 – is one of the world’s most accurate softwares, and it allows us to not only design and build standard systems with complete accuracy, but also account for every detail.  This includes positioning and sizing 3D objects to accurately determine the effects of shading from nearby objects on solar PV performance.

“We always use the most sophisticated technology so that we can give our customers the most accurate predictions of how they will perform,” said Gabriel Wondrausch, “so it’s great to be in a position to upgrade once more and produce even more accurate designs. The software means that we can produce even more detailed shade analysis, even on


such things as sloping hills and shaded roofs. We’ll also be able to more accurately produce 3D shading animations over a day or a year, optimise module coverage with millimetre precision, and produce screenshots of the visualised environment.”

To find out more about how we customise designs to fit our customers’ exact requirements, contact a SunGift designer (, 01392 213 912.