On average, to purchase electricity from the grid in this country costs somewhere between 10 and 16 pence a unit (kWh). This varies a bit according to the tariff you’re on and whether the energy’s for your home or your business.

If you could make a deal now to buy electricity at a much lower cost for the next 25 or more years would you do it? This is effectively what a solar PV system allows you to do.

Yes, there’s an up-front capital cost and there are different ways of calculating and factoring this in. But, there’s been a huge fall in the cost of solar PV. With a standard home solar PV system, you can expect the electricity from your system to cost around 5 to 7 pence per unit over its lifetime. With a commercial system, costs are slightly cheaper at approximately 3 to 5 pence per unit over the 25 years.

There are various ways of calculating these costs and lots of variables but, whichever way you look at it, solar PV will more likely than not give you cheaper electricity for 20 years or more, reducing household bills. For businesses, a solar system can help with financial stability into the future, as you’re no longer at the mercy of fluctuating energy costs.

It’s important to have your solar PV system designed to suit your energy usage and needs, so that the benefit you receive for the costs you put in are maximised.

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