We’ve been keeping our relationships with the world’s most trusted PV manufacturers strong, and this month we’ve added another – with our sister company SunGift Trade becoming one of a few selected UK resellers of Trina Solar panels. 

SunGift Trade be stocking Trina Solar’s 250 kWp ‘Honey’ modules, which will be made available for both our trade and domestic customers. The high-end panels incorporate new wafer, cell, and module technologies so they give users higher efficiencies and world-record-setting power output.

“We’re very excited about this new partnership,” said SunGift Trade managing director Gabriel Wondrausch, “and we already have stock of Trina Solar Honey modules in our warehouse.  This now makes our range of the world’s best solar PV modules and components even more comprehensive.”

A key advantage of the relationship will be the direct access that SunGift staff will have to Trina Solar’s technical support team.  “Trina Solar’s record for quality is impeccable,” added Gabriel.  “They are committed to the ongoing advancement of the technology, efficiency, and quality of their products, and having their specialists on the end of the phone means we can provide even better support for our trade customers, including optimum availability of PV panels.”

Trina Solar was founded during the infancy of solar PV in China in 1997, and since then the company has experienced outstanding growth and has become a leader in the global PV industry. Today, their high-quality modules and solutions provide clean and reliable solar power in on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale installations in a variety of application environments around the globe. Trina Solar is proud of its strong local footprint and outstanding service innovations.

Richard Rushin, UK sales manager at Trina Solar, said: “We’re very happy about having SunGift Trade as a new distribution partner, and are certainly looking forward to a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.”

Find out more about Trina Solar’s Honey Modules

Find out more about SunGift Trade (http://sungifttrade.co.uk/) or call our trade distribution team on 01392 927 652.