Oli joined SunGift in 2010 as an expert in the design and specification of commercial PV systems. He uses 3D design software to simulate systems and analyse their performance, using this information to calculate their paybacks.

His previous role as a renewable energy consultant, alongside his degree in physics and postgraduate degree in renewable energy and the built environment, makes him perfectly suited to his current role.

At the moment Oli is working on a variety of large-scale commercial projects for several well-known local institutes. Unfortunately, PR surrounding these projects is kept under tight wraps. But we can say that one of these projects involves the installation of the new Tesla Powerpack for a Cornish business, one requires the design of a large roof-mounted solar PV system at a renowned educational facility, another involves the technical specification of 100 Tesla Powerwalls, and another comprises a 50kW seasonally-adjustable ground-mounted PV system at a Devonshire landfill site.

All of these exciting projects require advanced technical design skills and a great deal of hard work, not just from Oli but from the entire commercial team.

Oli believes so strongly in sustainability and solar power that he has installed a PV system at his own home.