The speed of change in the renewable energy industry is nothing short of remarkable. When I launched SunGift in 2005, the primary driving force behind development in the industry was a strong belief that renewable energy was the right thing to do. Now, just nine years later, renewable energy is a reality in many people’s lives and it is no longer just those of us with strong beliefs that are convinced that renewable energy is the future.

In the past month we’ve seen Barclays commit to increase investments in green technologies by $1 billion and a whole host of the other big investors from around the world announce $billions more . This is exciting news and shows that financial institutions see renewable energy as a safe bet. With this sort of backing, renewable energy can go from strength to strength, continue to lower in price, and truly become part of the mainstream

Another significant piece of investment news this month is that Panasonic is investing $100s of millions in Tesla’s ‘gigafactory’ to produce huge volumes of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars driving down the cost of long-range electric cars significantly. Not only will this make electric cars a real viable alternative to petrol-driven models, but also it will pave the way for better battery storage, enabling people to more easily store the energy generated at home by their solar panels.

The future really is exciting.

It’s also been another eventful month for us at SunGift, as we’ve been shortlisted for three major awards, put in orders for a new generation of JA Solar panels, installed some exceptional new systems, and been out and about at a number of events (see stories below).

Best wishes,

Gabriel Wondrausch

Managing Director