We’ve recently completed work at Mary Arches car park in Exeter that has not only helped lower the building’s energy consumption dramatically, but also it has reduced the costs involved in running and maintaining its previous 2D light fittings and eliminated the high and frequent failure rate (which leaves areas with very little or no direct illumination).

Working for Exeter City Council, we designed a system and then replaced all 38W 2D florescent bulbs in the car park with 14w LED fittings and all 100 watt 2D fluorescent lights with 30 watt LED lights.  The result is 93,087.4 kWh of annual energy savings (the equivalent energy usage of around 28 average houses), CO₂ emission reductions of 50,67 kg per year, and cost savings of  more than £10,000 per year.

One of the other benefits of the LED lights we used is that they have a colour temperature of 6000k and a Colour Rendering Index of >70.  Put simply, this means that light quality is now much closer to that of actual daylight, rather than the orange glow of the previous fittings.

“Switching from traditional forms of lighting to these LED lights makes clear sense from a business perspective,” said Kevin Ciolino, SunGift Energy’s operations manager.  “The total cost of this project will be paid back in energy savings in just over two years and they’re also exceptionally reliable.

“While the energy savings are considerable, their reliability also means that maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum, while the increased level and quality of light has considerably improved the appearance of the car park. It’s one of those decisions that makes sense on every level.”

To find out more about how SunGift can help your business reduce its energy costs each year with a more efficient lighting solution, contact one of our design team at designteam@sungiftsolar.co.uk

By SunGift Solar