The future’s looking brighter for the students of one Exeter school thanks to SunGift Energy

After carrying out a free survey at Ladysmith Infant school, SunGift highlighted a substantial cost-saving by replacing lights throughout the school with more energy-efficient, longer-lasting LED lighting.

Our Graduate Energy Efficiency Surveyor, Vish Kapoor, helped the school apply for the interest-free funding, allowing them to upgrade the lighting without costing the school a penny! Under the government-backed scheme, the installation costs are paid back with money saved from their energy bills.

SunGift installed all the new LED lights during the summer holidays so there was no disruption to the students, or the day-to-day running, of the infant school. We replaced over 150 lights throughout the school, which will reduce their carbon emissions by 7.4 tonnes per year, with estimated annual savings of over £2000 at Ladysmith Infant School. In just over five years, the installation costs will have been repaid from the savings of reduced energy bills, and the £2000 saved will be extra money for the school in their annual budget.

School Business Manager, Jessie Hay, said: “The new LED lights have really brightened up the school. The dimmable lights in the reception classes are particularly helpful as we can set the lighting to reflect the activities taking place.

“We’ve also had PIR lights installed outside, which is a valuable safety feature for our staff – as we arrive early and leave late, it can sometimes be pitch black in the car park, but now the area lights up as we arrive.

“And, of course, we should save money and energy in the long term too!”

At SunGift our experts take each project on its own merits, shunning a one-size-fits-all approach in favour of creating a bespoke solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of each scheme. For Ladysmith, we made full use of smart LED lighting – dimmable and motion-activated lights were installed in some areas, and lights with different tones were installed in the performance area adding much more dramatic variation than the old-style bulbs previously in place.

We’re particularly proud of the work we do with schools, not only can schools benefit from a reduction in carbon emissions and long-term cost savings, we are creating a better learning environment for students now and contributing to creating a better world environment for them in the future.

Any schools or businesses interested in upgrading their lighting or finding other ways of reducing their carbon emissions can contact SunGift Energy on 01392 213912