How we’re helping Plymouth schools generate clean energy and investors earn 6% interest per year

Over the past few weeks we’ve been installing solar PV systems on schools for Plymouth Energy Community (PEC). The community group has devised an innovative way to not only provide cleaner cheaper electricity for some of the city’s schools, but also generate a 6% return for anyone that wants to invest in the scheme.

It’s an exciting new scheme that the BBC ran a feature on it. You can see the feature (featuring SunGift’s installation team on a school roof) here.

Invest from just £50

With an investment amount of just £50 and the scheme open to any member of the community that is interested in investing, it offers a far better rate than any bank account can offer and it benefits local schools hugely. The scheme is so popular that it is already oversubscribed and Plymouth Energy Community are now preparing to move to phase two of their initiative.

A similar scheme for your community or group?

SunGift has already installed more than 220 kW of solar PV for schools for Plymouth Energy Community, installed large systems for Exeter City Council and Teignbridge District Council and we’re involved in Exeter Community Energy, but there’s lots more schools and community buildings that could benefit from solar PV. So if you are interested in looking at solar PV for one of these types of organisations, why not contact our commercial expert Gareth Walton on 01392 213912 or email him at for more info?