Part of keeping at the top of our game includes ensuring that SunGift installation staff are safe and comfortable at all times, which is why our installers have recently started using the ManSafe ‘fall protection’ system on some of the more difficult rooftops that we fit solar PV systems to.

Using something called a ‘constant force post’, the ingenious system protects our installers (who are attached to the system by a belt) if they fall, without damaging the integrity of the roof.  It does this by absorbing the weight of their fall throughout the whole system.

“Safety is always our number one priority when we are on rooftops,” said SunGift designer Oliver Grogono, “but it’s essential that our installers are free to move and do their job without being restricted.  The ManSafe system is perfect for us, particularly with the current high wind speeds, as it helps our guys feel 100% secure so that they can do their jobs to the highest standards.  It also fits to all roof types, so regardless of the installation we are working on, we know that SunGift installers can operate safely without compromising the integrity of our customers roofs.

SunGift recently used the ManSafe system on the roof of a commercial installation at Coombe Fisheries in Barnstaple.

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By SunGift Solar