While we’re extremely excited about the possibilities of energy storage, it is still important to check whether or not it is the correct technology for you.

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The way to assess this is to closely monitor the energy that you generate from solar PV and then compare this carefully against your home’s energy-use patterns.

This may sound complicated, but by using the right equipment and software you can discover exactly when your peak generation and usage times are and if a battery storage device would be a good investment for you.

When energy storage is the right option

Take a look at the graph to the right from one SunGift installation. The RED is the electricity consumption, most of which takes place early in the morning and then after 4pm when the homeowners is at home.

The GREEN area is the electricity generated by the house’s solar panels, which takes place during the day, when very little electricity is being used by the house. From this assessment we can see that energy storage would be ideal for this household as it will give them the opportunity to store and then use the electricity that they generate, rather than feeding it back to the grid (receiving less than 5p per unit) and then buying back electricity at night (around 15p per unit).

Using the right equipment to assess your needs

There are many different energy monitoring solutions out there, with varying degrees of quality and usefulness – only some of which will be right for your solar PV system and your particular requirements. SunGift specialists have spent years testing the best monitoring equipment on the market to ensure that they are compatible with the solar systems we have installed.

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