How our customer contact impressed the ‘experts of organisational cultural’

When Jo Geraghty, director of Culture Consultancy – the ‘experts of organisational culture’ – wrote her latest blog about how organisations should approach customer service, it was a welcome surprise to discover that she’s cited SunGift as her example of best practice.

Jo tells the story of how businesses that genuinely put customer care at the heart of their organisations have the most success when it comes to building positive relationships; how customer care runs throughout the organisation, with everyone and every process being geared up to creating exceptional customer experiences; and how the secret is remembering that customers are people and acting accordingly.

Earlier this week we were reading this blog and nodding in agreement, when we got up to the part where Jo Geraghty says: “One of our colleagues observed this at first hand recently when they had solar panels installed…from first quote to installation, employees turned up exactly on time and were polite and respectful of the home and its surroundings.  So far so good, but what impressed our colleague more was that fact that at every stage they were told the names and contact details of the people who were taking the installation on to the next stage.”

Sound familiar?  Well, we only had to read a couple more lines before we saw:

“It was no surprise therefore that just after the installation had been completed the firm, Sungift Solar, were awarded the accolade of “Solar Panel Installer Of The Year 2014” to add to their numerous other awards.

It’s always pleasing to hear about customers that have had a positive experience with SunGift, but it’s even more satisfying when you discover that the customer is a national expert in customer service.

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