SunGift launches remarkable solar calculator

You know solar panels can hugely reduce electricity bills and CO2 emissions for your home, but if you don’t already have a system installed, how much are those savings? And how much money could solar panels save – and earn – you?

You can now get the answer in a matter of minutes, as SunGift has launched a high-tech online solar calculator, which can:

  • Quickly assess your specific needs
  • Determine the best solution
  • Give you a full breakdown of exactly how much energy solar could generate for you.

Quick but accurate estimate of your home’s solar potential
“As solar specialists, we always carry out site visits to ensure we are meeting people’s needs,” said SunGift’s managing director Gabriel Wondrausch.  “However, when you’re starting the process of looking at solar PV for your home you sometimes just want a quick, but accurate, estimate of what the costs will be and that’s where our virtual solar calculator comes into its own.”

Zoom in on your property
It takes just a couple of minutes to enter your postcode, zoom in on your own property and draw around your roof.  You’re then presented with what size system will fit on the roof (up to 4kw on domestic) and given full financial details, including the cost and return on your investment.  You can then download the results into a professional and easy-to-ready pdf document.

The breakdown even shows you how many kg of CO2 emissions your solar system will save and how many newly-planted trees that equates to.