When you think of Hyundai, the first thing that probably springs to mind is one of the world’s biggest and most advanced car manufacturers from South Korea.  However, what you probably didn’t know is that Hyundai also has a Green Energy division that develops and produces solar panels.

We’re therefore delighted to announce that SunGift has, this month, agreed to be an official distributor of Hyundai solar PV panels in the UK, and we’ll also be using them on many of our future installations.

So what makes these panels so desirable?  Well, just like their cars, Hyundai panels have consistently been shown to offer among the best value for money in terms of the energy they produce.  In addition, as one of the largest solar PV manufacturers in the world, Hyundai invests a great deal into research and development and controls every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the silicon used right through to the module construction.  As a result the Korean manufacturer’s panels perform particularly well in dim, low-light conditions, and they are compact, lightweight, and easy to install.

SunGift Energy now has Hyundai panels in stock, so if you’d like to know more about how appropriate they are for your property, please contact a member of our design team on 01392 213912 or designteam@sungiftsolar.co.uk.