New addition to our product range makes this possible

Nothing beats a stand-alone solar thermal system for generating renewable hot water, but if you have a SunGift solar PV system and want to make the best possible use of it, then the new product that we’ve recently added to our range – the Wattson Optimersion makes this possible.

The clever little unit – which is installed between the immersion tank and the consumer unit – supplies variable power for hot water when the system is generating excess electricity.  It does this by intelligently controlling and automatically diverting free electricity to the immersion heater when the solar PV system has produced surplus power.

“It’s a great addition to a solar PV system,” said SunGift operations manager Kevin Ciolino.  “It only kicks to use when there is excess electricity that the house’s appliances aren’t using, and at around just £475, the investment is paid off within as little as four years.”

As an added extra the unit incorporates an attractive colour display, which neatly highlights how much electricity you are generating and using.

To find out more about how an Optimmersion system can increase the amount of usable electricity that your solar PV system generates, contact a member of the SunGift design team on 01392 213912,