Solar expert Oli’s reputation is growing

Your site and its individual characteristics and as unique as you are, which is why it’s essential that every solar PV system is individually designed to make the most of a site’s potential and use the latest technologies.

Heading up our team to ensure that our business customers get the most out of their systems is SunGift’s senior design engineer Oliver Grogono.  Olli, who has been a key member of the SunGift team for the past five years, is an expert with a growing reputation in the solar PV industry.  In addition to his day-to-day role of designing systems for organisations such as the Met Office, Numatic and Gregory Distribution, Olli has recently been part of the Institute of Engineering and Technology working group that is developing a new code of practice for the solar industry.

Olli has a BSc (hons) in physics, a post-graduate diploma in renewable energy in the built environment.

“I love my job and enjoy the challenge of working out the best way to generate the maximum amount of energy and the maximum return on investment for an organisation,” said Olli.  “My job is to work with the team that has surveyed and take into account the specific needs of customers.  I’ll then assess all of the possible options, before using accurate computer-aided-design software (PV-Sol to design 3D images of the proposed solar PV system.

“Using this I can show businesses exactly what equipment we propose, where it will go on, how many panels we suggest, and what the whole system will look like when it’s finished.  Many businesses have specific requirements, such as an east-facing roof or the need to have a re-enforced roof and that’s where I can really help.  There’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach to designing a first-rate system.”

To contact Olli about designing a personalised system, call 01392 213912 or email him at