Your solar system is like any other piece of technology – if you want to get the best out of it and ensure it keeps working throughout its lifetime and that you can maximise your energy savings, it needs to be kept in first-rate condition.

To discuss a solar health check email a SunGift specialist

The highest quality equipment needs maintaining

SunGift always uses thoroughly tested equipment when we carry out installations, but even the best technologies in the world should have a solar health check to assess any changes, faults, damage and other reasons for underperformance.

Why systems can underperform

Some of the reasons your solar panels can underperform (and produce less energy) include small amounts of debris, bird droppings, ‘red rain’ from the Sahara desert on your panels, or even shading from growing trees. Electronics can also develop faults, so SunGift experts can carry out diagnostic tests to discover and fix any problems immediately or arrange panel cleaning to boost performance if necessary.

SunGift recommends that you have a health check on your system a minimum of once every five years, but many people like the reassurance of an annual check.

Insurance premiums

More insurance companies are also now asking for homeowners with solar systems to keep them well maintained, so a regular maintenance schedule can help keep your insurance premiums down.

SunGift will contact you directly when you are due a scheduled service on your system, but if you’d like an annual check email a SunGift specialist or give us a call to discuss your options on 01392 213912.