We’ve often heard enthusing about the benefits of SolarEdge inverters – thanks to their ability to maximize power production, optimize the use of roof space and monitor individual panels – so our latest offer of a free upgrade to the technology is a remarkable benefit to all our new PV customers.

For any customers who order a 2-3kW Solar PV system by end of May 2014 we are offering a free upgrade to a SolarEdge inverter.*

Solar Edge inverters are exceptional, as they deliver up to 25% more energy from your PV panels. They’re particularly beneficial for systems where individual panels suffer from shading, as they ensure that one under-performing panel doesn’t affect the performance of the whole system. What’s more, the software means that you can assess the performance of each panel online or on your smartphone, see how well the whole system is performing at any time of day, and be alerted immediately if individual panels aren’t performing as they should.

If you’re interested in a new PV system and would like to take advantage of the free upgrade offer, contact Jenny in the SunGift design team on 01392 213912, designteam@sungiftsolar.co.uk

*Subject to suitability