One of the most exciting things about having solar panels installed is checking – day-by-day, month-by-month – how much free energy you have generated. And, one of the latest and best ways to do this is by using the new ‘GEO Solo II energy monitor’, so throughout March and April we’re continuing to give you the gadget for free if you decide to have solar panels installed by SunGift.* Contact a SunGift expert to discuss this now.

Why do I want a GEO Solar II?

The answer is simple! GEO Solar II is an incredibly stylish looking gadget, which is clear, bright and multi-coloured (it looks similar to a smartphone) and:

  1. Measures the power generated by your solar panels (current and historical)
  2. Shows exactly how much energy you are using
  3. Is accessible remotely online
  4. Provides accurate, updated results every two seconds, so you can almost instantly see the impact when you switch on a kettle or a light.
  5. Set yourself some targets

In addition, the monitor has the facility to set targets and budgets, so you can challenge yourself to save the maximum amount of energy possible.

How do I get a GEO Solar II for free?

If you’d like to be one of our first customers to get a GEO Solar II for free, contact a SunGift expert to discuss how beneficial a solar PV system could be for your house. One of our specialists will then carry out a free survey and solar design for your property, and if during February you decide to go ahead we’ll include a GEO Solar II monitor – for free – as part of your system.