Exeter has become the greenest motoring hotspot among UK towns and cities with ULEV registrations up 157% in the past 12 months. A Freedom of Information request submitted to the DVLA, by the car selling comparison website Motorway.co.uk, produced data on the ultra-low emissions vehicle registrations in the UK over the past year. The results, broken down by region and local authority, report growth in ownership of vehicles with low carbon technologies has increased by over 150% in the Exeter area, leaping from 464 registered vehicles in 2018 to 1194 in 2019, when comparing a like-for-like period.

The term ULEV covers a range of vehicles employing low carbon technology, from pure electric vehicles to hybrids and range-extending vehicles, capable of operating at zero emissions for a range of at least 10miles.

In the green motoring ‘top ten’ local authorities for ULEV registrations, seven were London boroughs. Devon as a whole has seen a 66.5% increase in ULEV vehicle ownership and takes the number two spot of analysis of the data by region.

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