We’re very excited this month as we’ve started working with Tempus Energy. You may have heard of Tempus Energy in connection with the launch of the sunshine tariff in Wadebridge, a new initiative which uses smart technology to allow peak daytime generation of renewable energy to provide lower energy prices to domestic customers.


SunGift will be working with Tempus Energy to trial demand-side management technology at our own premises. As a bit of background, when energy demand is high, additional power plants have to be activated and this results in expensive electricity. For instance, national energy demand increases when people return home from work and all switch on their kettle or their TV. Increased demand places extra pressure on the electricity grid and on power plants, increasing costs. This cost is passed on to the end-user and so electricity actually costs a different amount at different times of day. This results in varied tariffs such as the “economy 7” tariff applicable to domestic customers’ bills.


The idea is that, by using technology along with a renewable energy system coupled with energy storage, we can shift the time that the end-user requires electricity from the electricity grid thereby avoiding peak charging periods and reducing the cost of electricity. This is “demand-side management” and its due to make quite a big impact on the way that the grid operates.


We expect demand-side management to play a big and exciting part in the energy system in the near future. Its basically a way to balance out the peaks and troughs of electricity demand so that less standby power plants are required. So, in the name of innovation, SunGift are getting involved.


We will keep you informed on progress and on the ways in which this technology can help you reduce your energy costs further.