12 months on and SunGift solar PV system is outperforming all estimates

Despite some of the worst weather in 250 years lately, one SunGift customer’s solar PV system is proving that if you live in the south west of England – and have the correctly installed system – you can still generate exceptional amounts of electricity from solar panels.

Kingsbridge resident John Holden, who had his solar PV system installed 22 months ago by us, has reviewed the figures for his first year and found that his actual electricity generation of 4,000 units far exceeds our initial estimate of 2,987 units (which we calculated using the government’s Standard Assessment Procedure). That’s more than 33% higher!

Exceptional inverter

One reason that Mr Holden’s system is generating more than estimated is thanks to the module level optimisation that we designed and installed into the system as an optional upgrade, as it reduces shading issues and ensures that all the panels generate their maximum amount of power.

Following the installation, we also visited Mr Holden on a number of occasions to tweak his system and ensure that it was performing to its maximum capacity.

Feed-in Tariff payments and savings on electricity bills

Mr Holden’s system is particularly beneficial, because not only does it generate a significant amount of renewable electricity for him, but also it gives him generous payments of around £1,000 per year from the government’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT).

As a result, he will pay off his system in eight years and have a further 17 years of payments from the government

SunGift’s impressive scientific credentials

“SunGift’s work has been exceptional,” added John, who has a background in Physics and Electronics.  “I was not only impressed by the scientific credentials of SunGift’s staff but also reassured to know that I was being looked after by experts.  They were extremely professional throughout and they’ve been on the end of the phone ready to answer any queries that we’ve had.  The whole company really has given me confidence in renewable energy.”

If you’d like to find out how you can generate exceptional amounts of renewable electricity with a solar PV system on your property, contact a SunGift expert on 01392 213912.