Keep the energy your solar panels generate

If you’ve been thinking about an energy storage solution for your solar PV panels, but they’re either too expensive or not good enough, SunGift’s experts have been rigorously testing the newest entry-level technology. And we’re pleased to say that it almost 50% lower-priced than many other batteries and also it’s an excellent piece of kit.

This new battery storage solution is the Growatt SP2000, and our specialists can install it and ensure that it is fully integrated with your solar PV system in less than a day.

Half the price

Until now our lowest-priced battery storage system has cost between £6,500 and £7,000, but the Growatt comes in at around £3,500 – fully installed by SunGift.

Use all of the energy your solar panels generate

On average, SunGift customers use around 50% of the energy their solar panels generate and feed the rest back to the grid. However, with the Growatt SP2000 you could use 85% of all the energy you generate, saving on average another £300 per year on electricity bills. For many households that export energy, battery storage is a must and you’ll still be receiving the same Feed-in Tariff payments too

Find out about the Growatt SP2000 and discuss if it is the right technology for your home

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