Increasing numbers of SunGift customers have been claiming their ‘Big Green Referral Scheme’ prizes of late, but one winner – Clive Mitchell – really stood out this month, because he recommended our services – despite not having had a system installed by us!

Clive, who recommended us to his sister and brother-in-law, claimed a £50 Burrow Farm Meat Box, which includes the farm’s award-winning Red Ruby steaks.

“I’ve been involved in the renewable energy sector for some years now,” said Clive, “and throughout that time SunGift have shown that they are the very best in their field.  When I found out that members of my family were looking for solar PV,SunGift was the first and only company that I recommended to them. “We’ve already tucked into some amazing sausages from our meat box, and I have to say that the quality of the meat is outstanding.”

Steve’s sister and brother-in-law contacted SunGift to design a system as part of their property’s refurbishment.

“Large refurbishments can really take their toll and they were at quite a low ebb before SunGift went along to carry out the work,” added Clive. “However, once the work had been completed to such a high standard, it gave them a real boost.  My sister even called me when the solar panels had been installed to let me know how pleased she was with the work.”

If you’d like to get your hands on an amazing reward like Clive (which goes up in value by £50 each time) all you have to do is refer your friends, family or colleagues to SunGift.

For each referred scheme that results in an installation you’ll receive a Big Green Referral Scheme prize from one of our first-class business customers.