Plymstock School
commercial solar pv

Plymstock School

Plymstock School, 100.24kW system we installed for TEC, pictured with an existing 36.75kW system we installed at the school in 2011.

Plymstock School came to SunGift looking to reduce a high electricity bill and lower its carbon footprint

As a school, using nearly all of its electricity during the day, solar PV was an obvious choice.

SunGift designed a 36.75kWp system to fit the sports hall roof, using the Spanish made Siliken panels. Being rated as the highest producer of electricity per kWp these panels ticked the performance box whilst the low transport costs and carbon outlay for a European manufacturer fulfilled the schools “green” criteria. SunGift designed the system to allow for maintenance pathways which must be provided for all systems of this size to allow for cleaning, maintenance and safety purposes.

The returns from the FIT meant that the school would see all of the initial costs covered within 8 years. After this the school will benefit for the next 17 years from the receipt of the FIT, giving a substantial annual income and cheaper electricity for the whole school.


Number of panels: 150

System size: 36.75 kWp

CO2 savings per year: 2 tonnes

Year of installation: 2012