Pinhoe Medical Practice

Pinhoe Medical Practice

Pinhoe Medical Practice, Exeter, was looking to improve the lighting conditions throughout their surgery in order to promote patient well-being

For people already nursing a delicate constitution, their immediate environment can have a large impact on their mental and physical welfare. Therefore, it is important to provide a happy, healthy setting in which to treat them.

The practice decided to convert all of its fluorescent tube lighting to LEDs.  Not only did the quality of light vastly improve, but energy bills decreased considerably.

This 68% drop in electricity costs allows the practice to spend more money on other, more crucial, areas of healthcare.

On top of all of this, the initial outgoings spent on the installation of the LEDs will be paid off within three years. A quick turnaround of investment.

“Many patients have remarked to me how clean, bright and modern the new lights look” 

Andy Potter, Practice Manager