Heritage Homes, Holland Park
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Heritage Homes, Holland Park

Heritage Homes, Holland Park

Multi-award winning Heritage Homes focuses on ‘exceptional properties’ built with meticulous attention-to-detail

So when it was looking for a solar PV solution for its latest development the company had no hesitation in choosing SunGift Energy

Heritage Homes came to SunGift to ask for a tailor-made solution for zero-carbon development, Holland Park on Old Rydon Lane in Exeter.

Once we’d installed solar PV on the first phase of houses at the luxury development, Heritage Homes was so delighted with our work that it asked us to design and install systems for the remainder of the project.  SunGift went on to install solar panels on every house at the 40-plot development.



Location: Exeter, Devon

No of installations: 40 unique systems

Year of installation: 2018

Holland Park
Guy Olliver
Commercial and Technical Manager at Heritage Homes
From the first time we met the SunGift team it was clear that they were knowledgeable and specialists in their field. Holland Park is our first zero-carbon development, so it was reassuring to have SunGift on board, not only because they have a proven track record, but also because they share our passion for using the most appropriate cutting-edge technologies and finishing work to the highest standards. Having SunGift as part of the team has made the whole process of incorporating solar PV into a zero-carbon development simple and hassle-free.
Holland Park

Each property at Holland Park – from two to five bedroom homes – is built to the acclaimed Heritage specification, with many of the properties built to zero-carbon emission standards and AA* energy rating property

SunGift’s job was to work alongside Holland Park’s architects to ensure that our solar PV systems would work in perfect harmony with the houses and deliver the required amount of energy.  The result is 40 unique properties with a variety of differently designed solar PV systems, all with a maximum output of between 1kWp and 8.5kWp.

Depending on the specification of the individual system, each will generate between 1,000 kWh and 5,000 kWh of clean renewable electricity per year (an average house in the UK uses around 3,300 kWh of electricity per year).

Each system incorporates the latest black-framed BenQ 250 kWp PV panels alongside Steca inverters.

Heritage Homes specified zero-carbon at Holland Park as part of its mission to do things differently for high-end customers.  In order to deliver the best end-user experience the developer investigated various renewable energy solutions including air and ground-source heat pumps, solar thermal and solar PV.  It also employed the latest triple glazing and exceptional insulation measures to many of the Holland Park properties.


Oliver Grogono
“Solar PV is the perfect solution to incorporate into new housing developments. It’s extremely flexible, integrates perfectly, and – in the case of Holland Park – provides more free electricity each year than the houses require, so the panels will generate a healthy income from the Feed-in Tariff. “
Olliver Grogono, Sungift Engineer