We’ve recently finished an exciting new biomass installation at award-winning sustainable tourism business Mazzard Farm in Ottery St Mary, Devon.

The 60 kW pellet boiler – which replaces their oil boilers and another biomass boiler – not only provides all of the heat and hot water for the business’s six holiday cottages, but also heats its owners’ main house. In addition, the system generates an exceptional 16% return each year, thanks to payments from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Dramatically lower costs with sustainable energy

“In a matter of months we’ve gone from being a low-carbon tourism business to almost a zero-carbon tourism business,” said Mazzard Farm owner Ruud Jansen Venneboer. “We believe it’s no longer an option to continue using fossil fuels and that the tourism industry should take a lead in raising sustainable energy standards.”

The biomass system (a Windhager BioWIN EXCEL 60kW) is fuelled by wood pellets and includes an 800-litre buffer tank. “SunGift’s work was planned to minimise disruption. Being able to fit in with this schedule and finish the work off to such a high standard was one of the real bonuses of using SunGift.”

Ethical bank is ideal lender

There are a number of finance options open to businesses that hope to fund renewable energy projects, but Mazzard Farm’s financing agreement was with Triodos Bank (www.triodos.co.uk).


“Ruud and Jacqueline will have paid for the system in just six years and any additional income will be available to them to spend on more sustainable energy measure if they wish.


“We’re increasingly being approached by businesses in the south west that want to lower their carbon footprint but until recently hadn’t realised that switching to renewable energy – be that biomass, solar, or heat pumps – could save them money and generate additional income. Once they appreciate the financial benefits businesses are often very quick to get the ball rolling.”