In our quest for continually improving innovations, we’ve recently introduced a new PV system ‘add on’ to our range called Tigo – an ‘energy maximiser system’.  It works with any system and allows SunGift to design flexible systems that can split strings across multiple roofs while still and allowing more energy to be produced.  

How does Tigo work?  Well, a string of solar panels is normally only as good as the weakest panel in the string (which may be underperforming if it is shaded or has dirt on it).  However, the Tigo system allows panels to work independently, which means that every panel can work to its optimum capacity.

This works perfectly for systems that either have shading in certain areas or that are split across multiple roofs.  Normally systems on multiple roofs need more multiple inverters, but with Tigo one correctly-sized inverter is enough.

Another added advantage of Tigo is that it has a ‘Premium Monitoring Package’ option, which enables you to online-monitor the energy generation of not only the whole system, but also of every individual panel (this includes daily texts, emails and a phone app that let you know what your system has generated).

If you’re interested in Tigo for your existing system or would like a new system that includes this technology, give our design team a call on 01392 213912 or email them on