SolarMax visit shows us the high quality and efficiency behind their operation

At SunGift, it’s all about the quality.  Quality of components, quality of installations, and quality of after-sales service, so we were excited earlier this month to visit Swiss inverter manufacturer SolarMax, which is know within the industry for its exceptional service and quality control.

We’re increasingly using SolarMax inverters in our installations, so we were keen to see exactly how they’ve managed to build and maintain such an exceptional reputation over the past 20 years in the business.  And we weren’t disappointed – what we found was a company that oozes quality and attention to detail from the outset.

From our arrival at the SolarMax HQ in Biel, Switzerland, we were immediately taken by the company’s subtle, clear-framed solar panels (in place of windows), practical minimalist interior, and high quality finish.  Photos of every generation of SolarMax Inverter adorn all the walls, while the 300 members of HQ staff worked in small glass booths in open-plan offices – perfect for strong team communication while enabling employees to have relative privacy to get work completed. Genius!

Working with forward-thinking companies like SolarMax is very important to us, as it demonstrates that they share many of the same philosophies as SunGift and are continually looking to provide the very best methods to improve solar technologies.

“It was a real eye opener,” said SunGift Trade manager Scott Oldfield, “and the low number of staff in areas like their finance department reiterated that – if your processes and systems run smoothly – there’s no need to over-staff your company to compensate. This efficiency gave me tremendous confidence in the company.

“Probably, the most reassuring aspect for me was that there was such a stress-free environment in the building that all employees and departments were clear to help ‘develop’ SolarMax, rather than just sustaining it.  Add to that the 60 employees in the research and development department – who have a core philosophy of ‘get it right first time’ – and it’s clear to see why SolarMax continue to move forwards and produce among the best inverters in the world.”

It wasn’t only the offices and R&D departments that oozed high standards though.  Even visiting the warehouse and production facilities, it was clear to see the attention to detail, the clean, warm environment, exceptional organisation, and stringent testing procedure.

When SolarMax include the words ‘Swiss Quality’ on their boxes – it isn’t just words – it is a clear representation of what they produce and why we use them in many of our solar PV installations.

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