We told you a couple of months ago about the new ‘JA Solar 285s’ that we were waiting for our first delivery of.

We predicted that they will transform the way we perform installations on customers’ houses as the higher-wattage panels mean that a high-quality 4kWp system can now be achieved with just 14 panels (rather than the usual 16)…and we were right!  The new solar panels have been a great hit with homeowners and are proving even more popular than we expected.

Solar panels that use less roof space and look good

“Customers have been very impressed,” said SunGift managing director Gabriel Wondrausch, “as the new panels take up 12.5% less roof space, jobs take less time to install and there is less environmental impact in terms of transportation and manufacturing.

“They’ve also been impressed with the increased output from each panel and the striking look of the black-framed panels, which are very easy on the eye.”

For more information on the panels, contact a member of the SunGift design team at designteam@sungiftsolar.co.uk, or call 01392 213912.