SunGift customer Claybrook Developments has dramatically reduced its overheads and is making an excellent return on investment, thanks to a 175 kW solar PV system (700-panels) that we have recently completed for them.

The array, which we installed on the roof of the commercial landlord’s business centre in Plymouth, is set to give Claybrook a return on its investment of 20.3 per cent per annum, resulting in a payback period of less than five years.

Accountants suggested solar PV

“We’d been weighing up the pros and cons of solar PV for some time,” said Claybrook director David Sykes, “but it wasn’t until we went to a presentation by our accountants, Francis Clarke, that we realised just how financially beneficial a system could be.  When we looked at the possibility of rising future energy costs versus a system where we not only generate our own energy but also get a significant return for doing so, it made perfect sense for us to go for solar PV – particularly when there are considerable tax efficiency benefits too.”

Prior to carrying out the installation, SunGift sent out one of our expert surveyors to the site, before our in-house team created a bespoke design for Claybrook’s premises.

The very best levels of service

David added: “When you’re investing a large amount of money in a system, it’s important that you receive the very best level of service, a high-quality system, and be confident that you can call upon a responsive and dependable company to carry out any further work – and that’s exactly what we have found with SunGift.  They have been extremely efficient and professional throughout, and our system is a very sound investment.”

Claybrook opted for our 175 kWp system, as the predicted electricity generation most closely matched their onsite energy usage.  In addition to the 250 W Trina Solar panels installed, the equipment included Sputnik Engineering SolarMax MT2 inverters..

The system is set to generate 169,000 kWh of electricity per year (the equivalent annual electricity consumption of 50 houses), save the emission of 89 tonnes of CO2 per year, and generate a profit of more than £650,000 over the next 20 years.

Gabriel Wondrausch, said: “The vast majority of commercial PV systems that SunGift designs have a return of investment of at least 15 per cent per year, which makes them an exceptional investment for any business.”

Claybrook has around 30 tenants at Strode Business Centre, with units ranging from small garages to 1.000 sq ft warehouses, each with an electricity sub metre.  As most of the tenants use electricity during the day, the majority of the energy generated by the panels is used onsite, rather than being fed back into the national grid.

By SunGift Solar