With an increasing mix of domestic and commercial clients, were often asked how businesses can install solar PV on their rooftops with having to stump up the upfront costs or take out a loan.

One of the first places we point them towards is the REI Group (Renewable Energy Investments), as we know that they offer secure, trustworthy solutions for our customers.  In fact, they now have two ways to help you get a project off the ground: schemes that have no initial outlay and schemes where customers contribute towards the cost.

Those businesses that have zero or very little capital can make use of the solar power purchase scheme where you offer up your roof space, have a system installed, pay nothing for the installation, and benefit from reduced electricity bills.  Those who want 100% of the free electricity generated by the solar PV system can enter the business partnership scheme, where you make a pre-determined contribution to the cost of the installation.

To find out more about REI’s solar power purchase scheme and why we suggest them to our business customers, visit http://www.reigroup.co.uk/business/