We continued our ambition to have the very best products in our range this month, when the first BenQ Sunforte 325W panels arrived in our warehouse.

Not only do these provide the highest output of any panels available from a UK distributor but also now do not require ‘positive grounding’, which means they are compatible with all solar PV inverters.

This is great news, because it opens up many more options for our designers when they are drawing up the proposals for your systems.  It also give you more choice of which panels and inverters you choose for your installation.

In addition to this, and the higher power of the panels, the Sunforte 325s are among only a few panels in the world with an efficiency of over 20 per cent.  The result is more power in a smaller space – making them a particularly good solution if you have a smaller roof.

If you’d like to know more about how you can these panels specified for your installation, contact one of our designers on 01392 213912, designteam@sungiftsolar.

For more information on the panels visit http://www.sungifttrade.co.uk/pdfs/PM096B00.pdf

By SunGift Solar