Spring has finally sprung and this year it’s not only a time of new buds and shoots. 2016 is also proving to be another year of change for the Renewables Industry. In fact, change is something of a constant in this industry and although it can be exhausting I’m really excited about some of the new technologies and ideas on offer.

As I am silently whisked to work, I’m getting close to racking up one thousand miles in my hybrid electric vehicle, many of which have been solar powered. As this type of technology takes off new types of energy storage system  are also going mainstream. 2016 looks set to be the year that advanced technologies will make a real impact on renewable energy.

Here at SunGift, we never let the grass grow under our feet. We’ve always been very focused on ensuring our customers have the most appropriate systems for their energy needs, as well as designing systems that generate the most energy possible. New technologies are allowing us to focus not only on ensuring that energy generated is used as efficiently as possible but they also help to reduce overall energy demand. This reduces fossil fuel reliance further and helps to reduce our customers’ energy bills.

We can now take a holistic approach to sustainable energy and energy usage as a whole. So what does this mean for you? We have so many exciting new things to share with you. This includes energy storage (in ways that were only dreamed of in years gone by) and a new emphasis on technologies such as LED lighting and demand-side management, which essentially focuses on when and how energy is used, ensuring that its usage is as efficient and low-cost as possible.

These new technologies will allow our customers to incorporate new forms of energy monitoring, which improves on-site usage by ensuring that energy is not wasted.

In the past, the limited choice of technologies has made it challenging to harness the energy from a gloriously sunny day if the energy produced by solar PV wasn’t actually required on site at the time of generation. Excitingly, major brands have recently entered the UK market and this has brought a raft of new technologies, cost reductions and improved warranties, which look set to allow not only energy storage but also increasingly sophisticated management of energy demand. SunGift are very excited to be working behind the scenes preparing this technology for you.

Keep reading to see how these new ideas and technologies can make you greener (and of course save you money!).

Best wishes


Gabriel Wondrausch