Western-Power-approved technology paves way for thousands of businesses to choose solar

One of key benefits of putting solar panels on your business’s roof has been to lower your bills by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels.   However, many businesses have been put off because their district network operator (DNO) has put a limit on the maximum capacity of the system.

Now, however, new ‘Grid Gem’ technology that SunGift Energy has been testing with Argand Solutions has been approved by Western Power Distribution.  In short this mean that businesses can now choose any size of solar PV system (space permitting!) and be sure that WPD will allow the installation to go ahead.

How does the Grid Gem system work?  Quite simply, SunGift is now able to install a limitless amount of solar PV on a business’s roof, then the Grid Gem monitors your electricity generation in real time and ensures that you never exceed the DNO limits.  This protects the grid’s assets and means that you can install the generation capacity that is aligned with your electrical demand.

The technology is fully approved by Western Power Distribution and means that any size of system can theoretically be installed.

SunGift has previously installed 200 kW+ systems for organisations such as the Met Office, Gregory Distribution and Numatic, but this new breakthrough means megawatt-scale roof-mounted systems are now a real possibility for businesses.  The upshot is that organisations will be able to reduce their overheads even more, make higher returns from the Feed-in Tariff, reduce their reliance on energy companies, and lower their carbon footprints even further.

Grid limitation technology fully approved by DNO

Following comprehensive tests, which SunGift ran with Argand Solutions, district network operator Western Power has fully approved the technology.

Find out how you can remove your grid limit and install any size of solar PV system at your organisation by speaking to SunGift’s grid specialist Oliver Grogono on 01392 213912 or emailing oliver@sungiftsolar.co.uk.