NPower recently announced a huge 15% rise in electricity prices. It’s been suggested that energy prices may rise by between 5 and 10% this year for householders. Businesses with fixed energy tariffs coming to an end may find themselves financially vulnerable here too, when they look to find a new rate.  

It’s likely that homeowners and businesses alike will be hit in the pocket.

So, what can you do? Solar PV is one of the most cost-effective ways to cushion yourself from rising energy costs. Solar PV allows you to generate your own electricity, using free energy from the sun. The cost of solar PV has fallen rapidly, due to falling component prices. And, storing the energy from your PV panels with a battery results in further savings.

Buying electricity from the national grid is getting more and more expensive. On the other hand, renewable technology is getting smarter and cheaper. It’s the only way for you to stay in control of your energy usage and costs.

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