PEC Community Group


Location: Mount Batten, Plymouth
Panels 175
kW 50
Tonnes of CO2 23.35

Working with Plymouth Energy Community brings maximum solar benefit for Mount Batten Centre

Plymouth Energy Community (PEC) understands that solar panels can be very beneficial both financially and environmentally – helping reduce the community’s reliance on fossil fuels, lower its energy bills and educate local people.

As a result SunGift has worked closely with PEC to design and install a 50kW system at the Mount Batten Watersports Centre.

Ideally located on the outdoor education centre’s south facing roofs, the system generates more than 44,000kW of electricity per year (that’s enough to power 13 homes).

Designed for performance and longevity

SunGift’s design experts specified high-quality JA Solar panels, Solar edge Inverters and Power Optimisers, and a K2 roof-mounting system to ensure a high-quality system that produces the maximum amount of energy.

As part of PEC’s ‘solar-power community-share scheme’, local people have collectively invested in the panels. This means that they own the scheme and get a regular return on their investment while the centre gets the benefit of cheaper energy and lower emissions.

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Solar, Perfect for community groups

Solar is perfectly suited to communities that have buildings with plenty of available roof space like the Mount Batten Centre. Some benefits of Plymouth Energy Community’s scheme include:

  • Investors receive a return on their investment year on year
  • Occupiers of community buildings with solar PV installed receive clean renewable electricity at a cheaper price from their energy supplier.
  • The PV systems leave a permanent and positive legacy, with a clear message about the community’s aspirations for its future.

Five other systems installed for Plymouth energy Community

SunGift has worked alongside many communities on renewable energy schemes. It helps them understand the best places to site solar PV and gives accurate calculations of how much energy the schemes can generate for local people. PEC also contracted SunGift to install systems on Damerel, Mary dean’s, Salisbury,Yealmpstone Farm and Plaistow Hill Primary School.

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