One of the best compliments we can receive is when someone is so pleased with the work that we’ve done for them that they ask us to install another solar PV system for them.  So when Heritage Homes asked us to work with them on the next set of luxury houses that they are building at their Holland Park development in Exeter, we were delighted to provide them with some bespoke designs.

The 10 houses – which are the newest additions to their 40-plot development on Old Rydon Lane – are part of the company’s latest exclusive zero-carbon properties that are leading the world of sustainable design.

All of the new houses – from two to five bedroom properties – are built to the acclaimed Heritage Platinum Plus specification, with ZERO Carbon emission standards and AA* energy rating property.

SunGift’s job was to work alongside the developments architects to ensure that our solar PV panels would work in perfect harmony with the houses and deliver the required amount of energy.  The result is another 10 unique properties with 10 uniquely designed 4 kWp solar PV systems.  Each system incorporates the latest black-framed BenQ 250 kW solar panels and Steca inverters.

We estimate that the benefit of solar energy for each house will be the generation of approximately 4,000 kWh of clean renewable electricity per year (an average house in the UK uses around 3,300 kWh of electricity per year).

The advantages of solar energy are particularly noticeable in these houses, as they include the latest triple glazing and exceptional insulation measures.  As a result the solar PV systems are expected to provide more electricity each year than the houses will use.

We’ve worked with a variety of architects over recent years to ensure that renewable energy is integrated seamlessly into the design of new-build properties – not only in Devon, but also in Somerset, Dorset and throughout the rest of the south west – so if you have a new-build project we can help you make it much more energy efficient.

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By SunGift Solar