In late 2014 SunGift helped to transform the standard number of solar panels that UK houses need for a 4kW system when it brought the first JA solar 285 watt panels into the UK.

Now, just a few months later, we are giving customers more high-quality choice as we have started to install BenQ 285 watt panels too.

“This is great news,” said Gabriel Wondrausch, “as it means that more choice for those who want a high-quality 4kWp system that has 14 panels rather than the traditional 16.

“Both BenQ and JA Solar are exceptional quality manufacturers. However, having two 285 Watt panels to choose from means that homeowners have more options when they are looking to select their end system.

“The great thing about these 285 Watt panels is that you need less roof space to have a 4kWp domestic PV system installed. What’s more, jobs take slightly less time to complete, we encounter less packaging and there’s less environmental impact in terms of transportation and manufacturing.”

If you’re interested in a system using either BenQ or JA Solar panels, email or call the SunGift design team directly on 01392 927 653.